About Carolina Maid Service, LLC

We’re here to make life easier for you.  We are here to deliver environmentally-safe, top quality cleaning services you can afford in the Columbia, Lexington and surrounding areas.  We offer a wide range of house cleaning options and special services designed to meet any budget and provide a solution for all your cleaning needs.  We do the dirty work so your free time is spent doing the things you want to do.

Carolina Maid Service, LLC is locally owned and operated by Susan Love.  Susan has over 10 years commercial cleaning experience and a proven track record for successfully operating and managing a high-demanding business.  She previously worked for 2 global companies and was directly responsible for the growth and success of each business, often accountable for 2-3 locations at a time.  Susan’s extensive customer-focused background and her life-long love for cleaning inspired her to start her own residential cleaning and maid service.  With over a decade of management and professional cleaning experience to offer, she was confident that she could deliver the best all-around cleaning service the Columbia area has to offer.  She adopted the old Nike philosophy and decided to “Just Do It!”